5 Offshore Investments Tips

Evolution Global Investment Solutions understands that deciding to invest offshore is a big decision. For many, it is not a big decision and they will jump right into it. Either way, we are here to make the process easier for you.

How to Invest Offshore

Fact: South Africa’s equity market represents less than 1% of the world’s equity market value. Limiting yourself to local investments has the opportunity cost of foregoing potentially rewarding investment opportunities in global markets as well as greater diversification.

October Market Commentary

October lived up to its reputation of being a month where markets can slide. Following October’s broad sell-off, the majority of global indices are in negative territory year to date, many with double digit losses. The US temporarily dipped into negative territory year-to-date, only to be saved by a bounce in markets on the last…

Investing Offshore

Investing offshore is often a daunting idea for investors. It is mistakenly seen by many as overly complex, costly and even risky. For investors who are already aware of offshore investing and the benefits thereof, the challenge is choosing the correct asset manager to manage their funds.